Giving young people an opportunity to create stories and bring them to life is an important part of Radio on the Lake Theatre’s mission.  We are proud to partner with Story Forum, a Shaker Heights-based organization, to nurture the next generation of playwrights.

Story Forum provides a platform for story exchange. Through communications, arts, and literature, we build on age appropriate themes that engage and help children explore their interests.

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Inspired By...

Shaker Heights High School playwrights work with established local and national playwrights to develop new plays inspired by articles the from the Shaker High newspaper, The Shakerite.

Student actors rehearsing for a reading of a play in the Inspired By... series.

A creative meeting for Radio on the Lake’s From the Middle playwriting group.

Rockets Red Glare
written by Grace Wilkinson - performed by Morgan Beck, Sara Dina, Gabe Marusic, Joshua Mink, Benjamin Rakow and Grace Wilkinson

Young Playwrights Project

Shaker Heights elementary and middle school students work together as playwriting groups to develop new plays. The different groups develop plots, settings, sound effects and their own characters. Once the plays are written, the young playwrights become their characters in a radio play as they perform for a virtual audience. 

The Ice Storm
written and performed by Roslyn Barchanowicz, Kevin Frazier,
Emily Karfield and Alice Royer

The Invasion of the Alps
written and performed by Isaac Laytin, Hendrik Meyer,
Teddy McGuinness and Madeline Ondrejka

The Great Drought
written and perfomed by Quinley Armstrong, Maeve Coffey,
Ella Cremer, Sam Lake and Kaylie Scott

A Toxic Environment
written and performed by Reagan Armstrong, Mollie Brem,
Livia Cremer, Bobby Mossing, Grayson Rezaee and Adam Stuart

The narrator for the Story Forum Young Playwrights Project
is Caroline Breder-Watts.


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