Our Most Recent Performances

The Birds

 Radio on the Lake Theatre presented a recorded performance of the classic radio play The Birds, along with a post-show discussion, on October 30.  Please visit https://radioonthelaketheatre.org/Classic-Radio-Plays to hear that recording and other classic radio play performances!

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Playwrights Local

Radio on the Lake Theatre has partnered with Playwrights Local on two “Podplays”, and will be partnering again on an exciting new project in 2021.  To hear our past performances, please click on the links below:



The City is Our Stage

Radio on the Lake Theatre was proud to be a part of The City is Our Stage on August 15, 2020.  Audience members traveled throughout the Cleveland area to enjoy performances from many different local arts organizations.  ROTLT performed the famous “alien invasion” scene from the classic radio play War of the Worlds.  

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ROTLT is looking for new and innovative ways to bring theater to life.  Thanks to everyone who visited us for this exciting initiative!

John Busser and Cathleen O’Malley in Entanglement

Left to right - Caroline Breder-Watts, John Busser and Stuart Hoffman perform War of the Worlds

LIVE!(streamed) @ Silver Hall

Radio on the Lake Theatre presents

Double Indemnity
as part of LIVE! (streamed) @ Silver Hall presented by the Milton and Tamar Maltz Performing Arts Center

This free streaming series aims to highlight local and regional talent on stage while performing to an empty venue.

Watch the video here:

Left to right - Stuart Hoffman, Brian Pedaci and Samatha Cocco in Double Indemnity

Read about Radio on the Lake Theatre in the Fall 2020 issue of Shaker Life Magazine!


Casey Venema in Double Indemnity

Radio on the Lake Theatre was recently featured on WWFM—The Classical Network!

Listen here:
A Tempo: Theater Companies Explore World of Radio Plays ︎︎︎


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