Partnership with Story Forum

Giving young people an opportunity to create stories and bring them to life is an important part of Radio on the Lake Theatre’s mission.  We are proud to partner with Story Forum, a Shaker Heights-based organization, to nurture the next generation of playwrights.

Story Forum provides a platform for story exchange. Through communications, arts, and literature, we build on age appropriate themes that engage and help children explore their interests.

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A creative meeting for Radio on the Lake’s From the Middle playwriting group.

From the Middle

Shaker Heights middle school students are encouraged to channel creative ideas and experiences into words - specifically, into a radio play.  Students create their own characters, work together to build a story in separate acts, then edit and record a fully original script for a radio drama with Radio on the Lake Theatre, under the mentoring of Story Forum staff and a playwright mentor from Baldwin Wallace University.    

The From the Middle Program Coordinators and Student Mentors are Mia Compton-Engle and Victoria Watts.

From the Middle Act One Written and performed by Grace Gainford, Maggie Gainford, Montse Mireles Perez, Anjum Reddy and Victoria Watts

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